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Study with One

Join me April 26 -30 for a Week Long Intensive at my farm in Northern California. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and have taught thousands of people. I give you the techniques and support you need to become an expert at intuitive communication with animals and nature. Contact me to discuss the details.

Marta’s Books

My first book, Learning Their Language, is a best seller and covers most of what I have learned.  My other three books each address a different aspect of animal communication.I think you will like all of them. Marta’s Books

Talk With Your Animal – Try it!

Your Animal is Teaching You and Helping You Heal – Find Out How

Join the Animales Members Club

Attend the monthly Members Club online energy healing session to help shift what is happening to the  animals and on the earth.

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If it is your dream to be an Animal Communicator, I can help you do that.