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Workshop Descriptions

If you can read one of my three books before taking the Beginning./Intermediate course it will be helpful, but it is not required. Marta's Store


Workshop fees are nonrefundable unless the course is cancelled, but may be applied to other goods and services. If you have to cancel you also are welcome to find someone else to take your place and reimburse you.


The Beginning Workshop is required for all other workshops except: Manifesting For Ourselves and Our World, Working with Your Inner Counselor, and Developing Your Intuition. You can do an individual tutoring session with me by phone to complete the Beginning Workshop. I accept other communicator's classes as fulfilling this requirement as well.

Beginning - Intermediate Animal Communication

In this hands-on workshop you will learn intuitive communication by doing it. We will work with the animals that come to the workshop and with your animals at home, using pictures and descriptions. You will experience undeniable proof - through doing simple verifiable exercises working with animals you don't know - that intuitive communication is real and that you can do it. You will also learn techniques for talking to your own animals and hearing what they have to say to you. Explore your animal's purpose and role in your life.

Advanced Animal Communication

In this workshop you will learn advanced applications of intuitive communication including finding lost animals, assisting animals in crisis, talking with frightened or resistant animals, talking with many animals at one time, communicating with animals who have died, remote viewing ("seeing" from a distance), learning how animals mirror us, discovering an animal's past experiences and past lives, interviewing animals, and talking with wildlife. You will also learn techniques for increasing your speed, accuracy and confidence in any situation.

Medical Intuition and Energy Healing

Interview an animal intuitively about his/her health and discover what life issues may be affecting the animal's well being. You will be taught to scan the body and the charkas (energy centers in the body) to detect deficiencies and imbalances and then use energy to promote healing in these areas. Practice on animals and people in the workshop and work with photographs and descriptions of animals not present. Holistic health care resources for animals also provided.

Communicating with Nature

In this workshop you will expand your communication with wildlife. You will also learn how to communicate with trees and plants and how to bring health, balance and harmony to the plants in your garden using intuitive communication. You will discover your ally in nature and learn to connect with the spirits of place and the features of the landscape.

Counseling Animals and Their People

This workshop is designed for those who want to work professionally to assist animals and their people using the skill of intuitive connection. The workshop covers all the common categories of cases and situations that would confront a professional animal communicator and gives you strategies for addressing each of these cases. You will learn techniques and approaches for relating to and helping both the animals and the people who come to you for consultations. References and resources in holistic health care and nonviolent training methods will be provided.

Teacher Training

In this two-day workshop you will learn how to teach a beginning animal communication workshop to others. On the second day you will have the opportunity to practice teaching in an actual beginning workshop. The emphasis of the workshop is on supporting each other, giving constructive feedback, getting practical experience, planning for your first class, and exploring your personal style and creativity.

Death and Beyond

In this workshop you can communicate with any animal from any time in your past. Resolve grief and unanswered questions. Find out whether they will be returning. Learn about the past lives of your current animals and those now in spirit.

Manifesting Your Dreams for Yourself and the World

Use your intention and intuitive abilities to create the life you want for yourself, for other humans, and for the animals and the earth. Find out through shamanic journeying what it is you are here to do in this lifetime.

Talking with Horses

Surround yourself with horses and learn their stories through in depth readings.. We will work with live horses and with photographs. Learn about natural horsemanship and holistic care for horses.

Animals as Teachers and Healers

Animals are great teachers. They lead us on journeys, reflect ourselves back to us, and create situations that force us to grow and expand. They also help use heal, again by reflecting and acting as catalysts in our lives. Explore how the animals in your life are your most significant teachers and healers.

Professional Training Series

This seven day course series includes all material in the classes I teach (see course descriptions) If you have already taken some of these courses you can sign up to take just the days you want. This series includes Teacher Training with classroom experience. (Professional Mentoring is available for those who can't make a workshop)

Intuitive Animal Training

Learn how to add intuitive communication into your training program. You will find this technique will expand and enhance your animal training experience. It can be applied to remedy any bad behaviors you wish to change. In this workshop you will also learn how to use this technique to improve your relationship with your animal.

Developing Your Intuition (no prerequisite)

Learn how to recognize and enhance your intuitive ability in all aspects of your life, business, personal and spiritual. Learn practical to techniques for bringing your intuition back into your conscious control and for following your intuitive path in life.

Working with Your Inner Therapist (no prerequisite)

This course if for anyone who has a practice working with clients, full or part time, or just starting out with friends etc, doesn’t matter how advanced you are. It is based on the work of the Dutch flower essence master, Bram Zaalberg, who created the Bloesem Remedies. His work is all in Dutch so not so accessible to English speakers. The idea behind it is to use your visualization and intention to create yourself as the kind of therapist/practitioner you want to be (can really apply to any discipline) and to create exactly the type and amount of clients you want to have.

Working with Your Spirit Guides (no prerequisite)

Discover who your helping spirit guides are through guided journeys. We will work with animal spirits, healing spirits and the spirits of nature. Learn how to communicate with your guides, recognize their messages, and enlist their help in your life.

Can't Make it to a Workshop?

Try my private tutoring program by phone or in person, or organize a workshop in your area.