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Connecting with Animals in Spirit

I have had a lot of animals in my life and have, therefore, become an expert in dealing with their deaths. One thing that helps is to connect with them in spirit. I tell my clients to ask their animal after he dies, to show that he is still around. Then I tell them to be alert to anything unusual that happens. You might start having dreams about your animal, or see him out of the corner or your eye, or hear him or get a scent of him. You could also start seeing your animal’s name everywhere, or start hearing a song over and over that reminds you of your animal.  I believe our animals who love us will stay with us in spirit like guardian angels, for as long as we need them close, no matter how long that is. Then if we want to connect in spirit after that we can do so instantly by just thinking of them or calling their name. Can I prove this is true? No , but no one can prove anything about life after death. I guess we will find out when we get there! If you are interested in this topic I would suggest you read my book, Beyond Words. I have a whole chapter of stories in there about animals reincarnating.

Week Long Intensive in Communicating with Animals and Nature Nov. 9 – 13, 2018

Do you want to be a professional Animal Communicator? Do you want to become really proficient at this skill so that you can help your friends and rescue animals. Are you mainly interested in learning how to talk with wild animals and nature? I can help you with all of these dreams. Attend my One Week Intensive at my farm in Northern California this November 9 – 13, 2018 and meet my new pony, Marybelle.

This course is open to all levels and suitable for the total beginner, and I guarantee you will be able to do this. You can retake this week for half price. This option is also available to anyone who has taken my online classes. Hope to see you in November.

Animales Members Club

I started a Club!  The Animales Members Club. Each month we have a meeting in zoom where you can get tips from me and ask me questions, have your animal read in the group (drawing each month), and learn from special guest speakers presenting animal related topics.

October’s speaker is Nancy Gardner who will talk about how she has kept her dog cancer free for three years. Nancy will also discuss her journey becoming a professional Animal Communicator.

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About My Online Classes

I host online classes through Zoom which has both a call in and a video option; any session you sign up for will have each of those options. Classes are offered at 11 am and also at 6 pm pacific time zone on the dates specified. Each class meets twice with a week in between for you to do homework. There are never more than 10 people per class. All classes require the Beginning class as a prerequisite. I offer the Beginning Class as an online class a few times a year, and we can schedule a one-hour private tutoring session to meet that requirement. Once you have the Beginning class you can take any other class you like, and you don’t have to take classes in any specific order.


Animals as Teachers and Healers – Oct 17 and 24

Remote Viewing – Oct 23 and 30


Counseling Animals and Their People – Nov 7 and 14

Manifesting for Ourselves and Our World – Nov 8 and 15

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Individual Tutoring

I can teach you the basics of how to communicate intuitively with animals in a private session . If you are more advanced and are having any blocks or issues, we can also schedule a problem solving session. I am sure I can help you resolve anything that is holding you back. We can work by Zoom, Skype, phone, or in person.

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