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Animal Communication - Myths and Misconceptions

Upcoming  Classes

Online classes are done through a video program. No more than 10 per class. These are not webinars. More like being on Hollywood Squares. For any of my classes you need to have taken a Beginning Animal Communication Class first. If you miss one of the scheduled Beginning classes you can schedule a one hour private tutoring session with my by phone or by skype to learn the basics of animal communication. Then you can take whatever other classes you like from my upcoming classes. I accept other teachers' beginning class as equivalent to mine.

Online Class - April 17 and 24 – Developing Your Intuition

IN PERSON CLASS  -  April 27 to May 1 – One Week Intensive in Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature - Northern California 

There are still spaces left in this course. It is designed for the complete beginner and the advanced student alike. Retake this course for half price.

Online Class -

May8 and 15 - Advanced Animal Communication

May22 and 29 - Manifesting for Ourselves and Our World

Individual Tutoring

Study with me individually via Skype, phone, or in person. I can teach you the basics of how to communicate intuitively with animals. We can also schedule a problem solving session if you are at a more advanced level and you are experiencing some blocks or issues. I can easily help you resolve anything that is holding you back.

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Last Words


No one who has lived side by side with animals that have plenty of room can ever visit the zoo.

Peter Høeg, Smilla's Sense of Snow