We need to remember that what happens to Earth happens to us.
                                                                      -John Trudell


Here is a post from Earth Song Ranch with great advice about what to do for the flu. It is hard to know what is going on with this, but it makes sense to wash your hands all the time , avoid touching your face, and take supplements for protection, like vitamin c and zinc. I made my own Thieves Oil and use it when out and about.

Commonsense actions to take


Week Long Intensive – May 2020

The next Animal Communication Intensive is May 8-12 at my farm in Northern CA. The Intensive covers all the courses listed on my website. Contact me for details and to find out about places to stay and sharing a car from the airport.


In Person Weekend – June 2020

June 6 & 7 – Beginning through Advanced Animal Communication with a focus on horses.

Master Program

The Masters Program is a unique affordable way for you to become an expert at animal communication. No other program offers anything like the flexibility and the one on one expert instruction and supervision you get in this program.

Contact Marta for more info.


About My Online Classes

I host online classes through Zoom which has both a call in and a video option. Any session you sign up for will have each of those options. Classes are offered at 11 am and also at 6 pm pacific time zone on the dates specified. Each class meets twice with a week in between for you to do homework. There are never more than 10 people per class. All classes require the Beginning class as a prerequisite. I offer the Beginning Class as an online class a few times a year, and we can schedule a one-hour private tutoring session to meet that requirement. Once you have the Beginning class you can take any other class you like, and you don’t have to take classes in any specific order.

Prerequisite Beginning – (you can take that by private session)


 Talking with Your Own Animals  – March 17 &24


Manifesting for Ourselves and Our Planet – April 2 & 9

Advanced Animal Communication – April 14 & 21

Individual Tutoring

Study with me individually via Skype, phone, or in person. I can teach you the basics of how to communicate intuitively with animals. We can also schedule a problem solving session if you are at a more advanced level and you are experiencing some blocks or issues. I can easily help you resolve anything that is holding you back.


Contact Marta for more info.

 Just for Fun

Snowflakes – individual photos

Dogs – You Gotta Love Em

For Your Information

 If you have to keep your horse in a stall – toys



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