Ask Your Animal

Ask Your Animal: Resolving Behavioral Issues Through Intuitive Communication
How to use the intuitive connection to resolve behavioral issues, improve relationships and enhance training with your animal

Product Description

Ask Your Animal provides a clear, hands-on guide to relating with animals and nature using intuitive communication. Its step-by-step instructions, true stories, and practice exercises are designed to inspire and guide the beginner. More advanced techniques help you resolve specific issues with the animals in your life — or in your neighborhood. Using this approach, you can start addressing these common situations right away:

    • controlling bad habits like barking and digging

recovering lost animals calming an animal with separation anxiety coping with an animal’s death achieving a better bond with your animal restoring trust in an abused animal creating harmony among the animals in your home trailering a reluctant horse eliminating aggressive behavior assisting sick and injured animals connecting with rescue animals and animals in crisis

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