Beginning Animal Communication Class   –   Online July 14 & 21

You will learn all the basic techniques and can then take any of my other online classes as they are offered.   Contact me to find out more.

Marta’s Books

My first book, Learning Their Language, is a how-to industry best seller. My other three books each address a different aspect of animal communication. Readers love them all! Marta’s Books

Join My Master Program


If you dream of becoming a professional Animal Communicator, join my Master Program. I can help you develop the speed, accuracy and confidence you need to accomplish that.

    Find Out How Your Animal Is            Your Healer and Teacher

      Attend the Members Club –                  FREE!                                We meet monthly by zoom to do short readings of our animals and a group energy/manifesting healing session for the animals and the earth. Beginning class is prerequisite. Contact me if interested

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If it is your dream to be an Animal Communicator, I can help you do that.