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Take an Animal Communication Class

I host online live classes in Animal Communication by zoom (never more than 10 people at a time). To get started, take my Beginning Animal Communication Class or or you can schedule a private tutoring session with me to learn the basics whenever you like. You will learn the my techniques and then you can take any of my online classes as they are offered.

See Class Schedule or Contact me for information.

Become a Master at Animal Communication

Enroll in my Master Program to become a professional Animal Communicator. I can help you develop the speed, accuracy and confidence you need to succeed. The Master Program is affordable and flexible to meet your needs.

Learn more.

Read Marta’s Books

My first book, Learning Their Language, is a how-to industry best seller. My other three books each address a different aspect of animal communication. Beyond Words has incredible stories from friends, clients and family about their experiences with intuitive communication. Ask Your Animal is a remedy book for using intuition to resolve behavior issues and other problems with your animal. My Animal My Self is about how animals are our mirrors and how they come into our lives to be our teachers and healers. Readers say they love them all!

Marta’s Books

Get Help With Your Animal

Find out what your animal wants and needs. Get assistance with behavior issues, end of life transition, lost animals, and helping you and your animal be happy. Getting an animal communication consultation can completely transform your relationship with your animal. Try it and see! I provide consultations by phone, zoom, or email.

Contact me to schedule a consultation.