Become a master at intuitive communication with animals and nature.

            All you need is good instruction and lots of practice.

Unique aspects of the Master Program

  1. Online video classes are no more than 10 people per class
  2. Regular private online video sessions (up to two per month)  to review your case studies as you progress.
  3. Unique training techniques that help you overcome all blocks and barriers.
  4. Work at your own pace.
  5. Plenty of opportunity to ask me questions directly, and work with other students to do case studies.
  6. Option to attend monthly online practice group once a month which will include a case study.
  7. Guidance for how to set up your business.
  8. Access my ongoing support even after you finish the program.

What Students Are Saying

What is the Required?

  • Eleven required classes

  • 60 supervised case studies.

List of Required Classes

  • Beginning Animal Communication (note this can be done as a private tutoring session since the Beginning Class is not scheduled every month)
  • Talking with Your Own Animals (Intermediate)
  • Advanced Animal Communication
  • Finding Lost Animals
  • Talking with Wildlife and Nature
  • Manifesting for Ourselves and Our World
  • Intuitive Animal Training
  • Animals as Teachers and Healers/Mirroring Between Animals and People
  • Death and Beyond
  • Talking with Horses
  • Counseling Animals and Their People (includes starting up your business)

Case Studies:

You will complete 60 Case Studies with animals you don’t know anything about. These cases will be done under regular supervision to make sure you are on course and resolving any difficulties you may encounter.


Master Program Fee

The fee is $4,000. There are three payment options:

  • Pay in full  $4,000
  • Pay in three installments of $ 1,340
  • Pay monthly installments over 8 months of  $503
  • Pay as you go: $150 per class, $175 per private meeting

As part of the Online Program you will receive:

  • Access to two to three live online classes each month (including core classes and electives). You can also have access to class video in case you can’t make a class,
  • Two hour long mentoring sessions with Marta to review your case studies and answer your questions,
  • Access to a private FaceBook group for Master Program students to chat in and share animals for case studies,
  • A monthly live online practice group for Master Program students led by me (which will include one case study) , and
  •  Lifetime admission in Marta’s online ANIMALES Members Group



  • Fast Track – Finish in 8 months – take 2 classes per month and complete 7 – 8 cases per month
  • Slower options – take longer to complete the classes and cases (go at your pace and once you complete the classes pay a lower rate per month for case review sessions)
  • Take my in person intensive and get all 11 classes in one week – then join the program at a lower rate to complete your case study reviews.

Week Long Intensive

At present no intensives are scheduled

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If this is something you have been dreaming of, call or email me to get into my program. Marta: 530 528 9127. email