Sponsoring a class in your area is fairly easy and can net you a whole new group of like-minded friends and some great practice partners. To travel to teach I need 12 students minimum signed up for a two-day weekend class. Outside of the US I need a minimum of 20 participants for a two-day class. The course organizers will attend without charge and will receive free readings from me for their animals during my stay. After you read through this section, if you decide to sponsor a class, contact me.

The Process

Decide Time and Location

You and I will decide on a date. Then you will locate an appropriate place to hold the class. This can be in someone’s home or at a stable or other suitable location. The location should be fairly quiet. The room should have comfortable chairs and some tables. We will want to be able to have some live animals in the workshop. Finally we will set a deadline for getting the minimum sign ups.

Promote the Event

You and I will work together to get the minimum number of people by the deadline. I will mail to the people in my database who live in your area. I will also make a flyer and send it to you to use for promotion. You can post or distribute the flyers at health food stores, pet shops, veterinarians, stables, dog grooming shops, tack and feed stores, humane societies, and any animal groups. I am also available to be a guest on local radio shows (via phone) or do an interview with any print media in your area. You can contact them and then if they are interested, direct them to me. If you are internet savvy, you can also publicize the workshop on the internet. Other ideas for promotion: Put listing in local papers and magazines. Arrange for me to do a lecture/book signing at a local bookstore on the Friday evening before the class.


People will be directed by the flyer to contact me to register. You will not have to handle that. Once someone has registered and we know the workshop minimum has been met, I will send each participant a follow-up information sheet, indicating directions to the class venue and instructions. I will screen all requests to bring an animal to the class. Once people have received their confirmation and registration packet, you will be the contact person.

Final Planning

Once the class minimum has been met, we can complete the final details. You will arrange for coffee, tea, other beverages and snacks for the participants. You and I can decide what to do about lunch; either people will bring lunch, go out for lunch, or some other option. You will provide a place for me to stay while I am there and arrange for transportation to and from the airport.