I offer consultations by telephone or Skype (video option), in person, and by email for dogs, cats, horses and all species of domestic and wild animals. I am oriented toward holistic care for animals. As part of our consultation I may refer you to resources for seeking a holistic health practitioner and for providing holistic health care for your animal. I also travel to do group consults (6 clients minimum).

When I communicate intuitively with your animal, I receive information directly from the animal and also get my own intuitive impressions about what’s going on. I relay all of this information to you during the consultation.

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Consulting Services Offered

Solve Behavior Problems

See things from your animal’s point of view and discover any unmet needs that might be at the heart of a behavior problem. I have helped in many types of behavior problems including fear, aggression, unwanted or unexplained behaviors, animal aggression, and separation anxiety. Based on what your animal tells me, I then tell you everything I know that you can try out to help resolve the situation.

Improve Training

Find out from your animal why you are not progressing in training and what you need to do to shift the situation.

Make Your Animal Happier

Find out what your animal wants and needs to be happier. Learn how to improve your relationship with your animal.


Select and Introduce New Animals

Check in with your animal(s) before adding a new member to your group. Discover the personality and past experiences of an animal you are considering adopting.

Find Lost Animals

I connect from a distance with a lost animal mentally and emotionally. I work to determine whether the animal is alive or dead, what happened, which way it went, whether it is with someone, and why it is not coming home on its own. I counsel the animal and give you my best advice for how to proceed. I work to determine the location, direction, distance of the animal.

Lost Animal Consultation


Assist Sick or Injured Animals

Get help with sick or injured animals. I can talk to your animal about emotions and the animal’s life situation to find out what emotions could be affecting your animal., However, you must consult a veterinarian to get diagnoses and treatment recommendations. If you call me looking for a diagnosis or treatment recommendations I will tell you to consult a veterinarian, preferably a good holistic one.

Help Animals During Death and Beyond

When your animal is in the process of dying, animal communication can help you find out how your animal is feeling emotionally and discover any messages your animal has for you. It makes the dying process much less traumatic. I am also able to communicate with the spirit of an animal who has died, even if it was a long time ago.

Readings for Humans

I do intuitive readings for people as well, and am happy to do that for you if you would like.

* An intuitive consultation is not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis. If your animal is ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified practitioner, ideally a holisitic veterinarian.