When I connect from a distance with a lost animal, I get intuitive impressions about whether the animal is alive or dead, what happened, where the animal went (distance and direction), and why the animal has not returned home. I get as many clues as possible that might lead you to your animal or to some real data about your animal. As appropriate, I counsel the animal on how to stay safe, get back home etc. I also give you my intuitive hits and best advice for how to proceed.

However, I can never say my information is true. The only way to know if what I get is accurate is to follow the clues I get and see if you can find your animal or find someone who has seen your animal, etc. (Note: this is true for any kind of intuitive information you get from anyone). I have been helping people with lost animals for over 20 years and have a lot of success., but I have also been wrong and I have had cases where we never found out what happened.


I spend a lot of time on lost animal cases, getting impressions, working with the map and giving you support and suggestions. My fee includes one follow up session to check up, after you have spent a few days following the clues and if you still have not found your animal. Because this work can be inconclusive and vague and because I can’t say for sure whether your animal is dead or alive, based solely on intuitive impressions, I need you to agree to pay regardless of outcome. You will need to send me an email to that effect before I will take on your case.

I need the following information to work on your case:

  • Animal name, age and description or photo
  • Your address, and address where animal went missing (if not the same)
  • Short description of what happened and when
  • Short description of what you have done
  • Location of any knows sightings
  • Agreement to pay regardless of outcome.

email: marta@martawilliams.com

Here are my tips for finding lost animals. Read through these suggestions and make sure you have done all of this you can do. Again, if money is tight, then do all on this list and flyer flyer flyer…that is the best search method.

Fee: $175