Cat Fencing

There are many kinds of fences that you can install to keep your cat in your backyard, patio or deck and keep other animals out. Look at the sites listed below for examples.

Purrfect fence


Alternative/Holistic Veterinarians

Search on this website to find a holistic veterinarian in your area

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a nonviolent form of training. Check out the sites below to find a clicker trainer in your area.

Nonviolent Ways to Get Your Dog to Respond to You as a Leader

Flower Essences

Lots of choices, use your intuition, which one feels right?

Horse Friendly Tack

Natural Horsemanship

Natural Trim for Horses

Supplement Companies



Animal Communicators trained by Marta


Karen Berke: Novato, CA
phone: 415 897-4011

Renee Gallegos: Sausalito
Phone:415 729 9125

North Carolina

Cindy Smith
phone: 828 686-4564

Sandra Larson – Little Elm, Tx
972 955-2756


Gerrie Huijts – Netherlands

Irene Bras – Holland

Birgitta van Spronsen – Holland


Cass Martinez

Helen Anderson

Trish McCaugh