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A Little More About My Move

Marybelle (pictured right) and all my guys (cats, dogs, horses and chickens) made the move OK. I am now about an hour north of Grass Valley in the foothills, lots of ponderosa pines, also bears and mountain lions. I like it here much better, it is cooler and the area is more amenable for me. Hoping to go kayaking soon as there are two lakes within 10 minutes of me. And I went back to hot yoga because old age is not for sissies. While not perfect, my place is pretty much sorted. I will work on more pics soon. Now if we could just sort out the world….

Validating Animal Communication

Of course, many people will be skeptical of the ability to communicate intuitively, using mental projections of thoughts, feelings, and pictures. We were taught this is impossible. However, there is now significant research proving that such abilities exist.

 There are also many researchers, primarily physicists, who are working to uncover the explanation for how such abilities might be possible, including Alain Aspect (physicist, University of Paris), David Bohm (physicist, University of London), and Karl Pribram (neurophysiologist, Stanford University). The fact that these researchers have been largely ignored does not diminish the importance of their work. It simply shows that scientists can be resistant to change and challenging new ideas just like anyone else. 

It is not fair, as some skeptics claim, to say that there is no proof of intuitive ability. There is ample proof and these people have painstakingly provided it. Moreover, their experiments were repeatable and verifiable. One of researcher Rupert Sheldrake’s detractors even redid his experiment and got the same statistically significant results. 

Within the field of animal communication specifically, proof comes most often in the form of anecdotal evidence such as information the communicator receives from the animal that can then be verified by the animal’s person. An example: a horse told me her best friend was a cat and the owner corroborated that. Anecdotal data is used all the time in medical research on people,  in studies of painkillers or other such subjective inquiries where peoples’ responses are collected as data. 

I believe that verified anecdotal data from animal communicators is just as valid as statistical data, especially when the communicator works at a distance, neither seeing nor interacting with the animal, and when the data is unique and could not have been logically surmised. 

It is however, critical to verify and test intuitive data and maintain some objectivity about it. Just because someone feels something does is accurate not mean it is true. There should be a ‘wait and see attitude’ if the data cannot be immediately verified. 

It is the irony and challenge of working intuitively that one must be nonjudgmental and nonanalytical in order to receive intuitively. Yet judgment and critical thinking are then required to adequately interpret and utilize the intuitive data received. 

One critique I have of the field is that some practitioners, both human psychics and animal communicators, do not treat unproven intuitive data with enough healthy skepticism. Even the best intuitives I know are not always accurate, so there is always that margin of error to be taken into account. 

That said, the overall effectiveness and usefulness of animal communication is being proven every day by its growing popularity with the consumer. People receive enormous assistance from this process. If that were not the case, the field would not be expanding as it is.


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