In Ayurveda, India’s ancient science of life, food is called “sarvausadha” the medicine that cures all disease.
Vandana Shiva

Just Because You Think It Is True…..

There are a number of issues that sort of torque me in the animal communication world, one is when practitioners say they know something is true about someone’s animal when they have no proof. Like saying they know where your lost animal is, or they know your animal likes his trainer.  In each of those cases you can’t know those things unless you have real proof, like the animal shows up close by and is ok  as the communicator postulated, or the horse acts super happy to see the trainer. As an animal communicator it is fine to say you feel something pretty strongly but  have no proof. However, when someone claims to be all knowing it is what I call the tautology virus: you think it therefore you believe it is. No, you think it therefore it might be, so now go out and prove it one way or the other.

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I host online classes through Zoom which has both a call in and a video option. Any session you sign up for will have each of those options. Classes are offered at 11 am and also at 6 pm pacific time zone on the dates specified. Each class meets twice with a week in between for you to do homework. There are never more than 10 people per class. All classes require the Beginning class as a prerequisite. I offer the Beginning Class as an online class a few times a year, and we can schedule a one-hour private tutoring session to meet that requirement. Once you have the Beginning class you can take any other class you like, and you don’t have to take classes in any specific order.

The prerequisite for any online class is the Beginning Animal Communication, which you can take by private session anytime.

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The Beginning Animal Communication class can be taken at any time as a private tutoring session. We can also schedule a problem solving session if you are at a more advanced level and you are experiencing some blocks or issues. I can easily help you resolve anything that is holding you back.

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For me, feminism makes no sense unless it goes to the root of the problem: the life-hatred inherent in patriarchal religious and social systems….This perpetual success of war and failure of peace is then said to be “the human condition”—but it is only the condition of humans under patriarchy.

― Monica Sjöö, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth