Bo: Was Dog Aggressive

Bo is the second dog in , light brown

Bo is the second dog in , light brown

Dear Marta,

I just wanted to send you quickly an update on Bo dog. He has been doing very well. I have been using some homeopathic remedies for the last 5 months actually and I think we are ready to try to drop the usage for now and see how it does without it….
He has been doing SO good that when he sees off leash dogs playing in the baseball fields nearby, he is able to ignore them now and just heel forward without lunging and getting a “panick attack”.
This past weekend I took him camping with me for the first time in a long time and he did great! Our neighbor “camper” was a rescued service dog pitbull whose owner kept her off leash… Bo dog was so good and he was able to settle in our campsite very well even if he saw a dog off leash just not too far from us.

Thank you for helping me understand Bo better!

Kind regards,
Lorella (and Bo dog)