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New Additions for February 2019

Process for Clearing Property

Start by saying this blessing for yourself and ask permission to do the work …

Dear (whomever you address as your higher power) May the Forces of Nature converge, to create a unique energy configuration surrounding me.

Charge me with energy to bring healing and balance to my complete being, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. May all Beneficial Energies be greatly Enhanced and Multiplied and may all Detrimental Energies be Balanced and Neutralized.

For now and into the future, as long as it is appropriate.

With unconditional loving gratitude,

And so it is.

2( Use your pendulum to request permission before you dowse. And trust the answer. If it is no come back to it later.

3) Using dowsing L-Rods, or a pendulum set the intention to locate any detrimental energies.

Ask and set intention “Please show me any detrimental energies that are on this land”

4) When you have located something, say a Simple Blessing to Balance the energies surrounding that area to become Beneficial. Then go back and use my pendulum or L-Rods to ask if the energy has been cleared. If it hasn’t, repeat the Blessing until it has been cleared. Here is a Blessing from dowser Joey Korn book ( You can change this to accommodate your beliefs and needs.

Dear (whomever you work with)

If it be thy will.

May the Forces of Nature converge and work with the angels, guides and any Benevolent forces that are in accord with the Divine, to increase and enhance the beneficial energies and to balance and neutralize any detrimental energies in this entire house (or land, well water, etc..) including the energies directly associated with us as human beings, the energies associated with some underground streams of water or other natural forces of the Earth, the energies emanating from electrical wires and electronic equipment, and those associated with Hartmann and Curry grid lines, for all members of this household as to their needs, for all those who will visit, for the pets and plants, and for all of Benevolent life, for now and into the future, as long as appropriate.

In Deep Gratitude, thank you.

New Additions for January 2019

Healing the Animals and the Earth


This is a guide to how to use energy and love to help heal the earth and animals. It is based on the work of Dr. Emoto and on the principles of energy healing and manifesting.

At the end I also include other techniques like energy dowsing, that you might want to try.

To start pick a situation or group of animals that you want to work with for a given healing session. Now imagine that situation or what is going on for those animals in an ideal state, ie visualize how you would like things to be. Make this as detailed and real as you can.

It doesn’t matter if it seems possible from here, just imagine it already happened. Like imagine we stopped geoengineering and the earth is returning to normal weather and climate.

Now you are going to access healing energy to send to this positive vision.

How to Run Energy

Imagine bringing earth energy into your body through your feet. I see this as honey colored. Bring it up the back of your body to your head and then down again to the earth. Set that up as an automatic loop. Feel every cell in your body being healed and revitalized. Now bring in healing energy from the universe through your crown chakra. I see this energy as a bright gold color. Let that energy flow from your crown down the back of your body to your feet and then up again and back to universe. Feel every cell in your body healed and revitalized. Put that energy loop on automatic. Feel the two energies mixing in your body. Now bring a little of this energy mix through your shoulders and heart, down your arms and to your palm. This is the energy mixed with loves is what you will use.

Sending Energy and Love

Send this healing energy and love from your palms. As you visualize the problem being resolved, know that it is happening on some level. Who knows what the result will be. You are acting as a catalyst for healing.

Call in Your Spirit Helpers

Call on all your spirit guides, healing helpers, to work through you to heal.

Ending the Session and Clearing Your Energy

Send healing energy for as long as it feels right to you. You should feel a shift when you have sent enough. When you feel you are finished you can disengage from the energy from the earth and universe, and go back to your normal energy state.

More About Manifesting

When you are manifesting for something, first pose the question to the universe: What would it take to have (state your dream or goal) . Let the universe go looking for the solutions and pay attention to what comes back at you after you ask the universe to help. Now come up with a catch phrase for what you want as if you already have it. Like, ‘We stopped geoengineering everywhere on the planet’. Say that phrase out loud whenever you start to get negative. Spend a minute every day imagining what you want with all your senses as if it has already happened. Ask spirit for help in accomplishing your goals/dreams.

Dowsing to Shift Energy

You can also dowse using a pendulum to shift energy for any situation or issue. Here is a link to my blog with a short guide to how to do that. (scroll to the bottom)

Orgone Energy

Orgone energy (also commonly referred to as Orgonite) was developed by Wilhelm Reich, an inventor and free thinker who was ultimately jailed and killed; an unfortunately familiar story. An orgone device is a manmade assemblage of hardened resin with embedded crystals and metal that generates positive energy. Read more here on what orgone energy is and what it can do

I believe orgone devices can help neutralize harmful energy and pollution. For example, tower busters are used near cell towers and smart meters to neutralize negative energy. This is where I purchase orgonite – Orgone Energy Balancing –

New Additions for December 2018

Core Belief Clearing

Find a statement that you want to be true but suspect might not be. For example

I am loved.

Test it using kinesiology.

To do this yourself (ie without a helper) here are three methods

When you say the core belief,

If it tests positive then there is no need to clear. If it tests negative, as in… I am loved, no. Then you need to clear it as follows:

I direct that ___________________ (e.g., I am loved – no) be pulled from all aspects of my body and DNA, all my past and current experience, all my past and future lives.

I direct that _______________ be nullified, cancelled, sent to the light and recycled.

I allow _________________ (e.g., I am loved – yes) to come into all aspects of my being and experience for all time, all space, and all generations.

Test again. If you receive a positive response, you have cleared the blockage. If you still receive a negative response, search for a linked and deeper core issue to clear first, and then try the original issue again.

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