I have spent most of my of my life studying what is happening on earth, to identify the greatest threats and determine how best to help the animals and the earth. At this point these things seem clear to me:

  • normal actions won’t fix what is happening now
  • climate geoengineering is the largest threat that needs to be stopped and it needs to be stopped now
  • everyone must get involved if we hope to survive

To stop geoengineering people must wake up and become aware of it, then collectively the world has to demand that it be stopped. The earth can’t regain any kind  of health or balance until climate manipulation is halted.


Climate manipulation started with the military in 1940. It has now been perfected and is used, without our consent, all over the world. The jet stream is manipulated using microwave ionic heaters and solar radiation particulate spray. Water in the air is captured and can then be moved wherever the geoengineers want it to go (leaving other areas in drought). Through chemical applications (ice nucleation) snow and artificially cold temperatures are created.

The possible reasons for all this are varied. To learn more go to this site and use the search engine on the site to research your questions https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/



First pose the question to the universe:  What would it take to have (state your dream or goal) . Let the universe go looking for the solutions and pay attention to what comes back at you after you ask the universe to help. Now come up with a catch phrase for what you want as if you already have it. Like, ‘We stopped geoengineering everywhere on the planet’. Say that phrase out loud whenever you start to get negative. Spend a minute every day imagining what you want with all your senses as if it has already happened. Ask spirit for help in accomplishing your goals/dreams.

Energy Healing

Just as everyone has the ability to do Animal Communication, we all also have the ability to tap into and direct healing energy. The simplest form of this is Dr. Emoto’s experiments of having people send the feeling of love to another being or an aspect of nature. He did this experiment with a polluted lake for example. You can send a feeling of love and also ask the universe for healing energy to come through you and send that to help the earth and help shift what is happening on earth. For example, you can send energy to help people wake up and take action to save the earth. It will be good to do this as a daily practice. If possible, find a few friends to do this with you as that will make it more powerful. When you send the love and healing energy to the earth and/or to a situation, you can also visualize the change you are working to bring about as if it has already happened.

Dowsing to Shift Energy

You can dowse daily using a pendulum to shift energy for any situation or issue. Here is a link to my blog with a short guide to how to do that. (scroll to the bottom) https://www.martawilliamsblog.com/?p=2862

Orgone Energy

Orgone energy (also commonly referred to as Orgonite) was developed by Wilhelm Reich,  An orgone device is a manmade assemblage of hardened resin with embedded crystals and metal that generates positive energy. Read more here on what orgone energy is and what it can do http://www.orgonite.info/

I believe orgone devices can help neutralize harmful energy and pollution. For example, tower busters are used near cell towers and smart meters to neutralize negative energy. This is where I purchase orgonite – Orgone Energy Balancing – http://orgoneenergybalancing.org/


Things to do in real time, on the ground.

  • Educate yourself and your friends. Share information about what is happening and ask your friends to share with their friends.
  • Support your favorite causes/groups and candidates with money and your time.
  • Show up for demonstrations.
  • Speak up against injustice.