I helped Paris find her cat Sylvia. Everything I told her was spot on – the town to search in, and to look for an old barn with furniture stacked inside and a herd of sheep outside. She wasn’t checking that area because she thought Sylvia would not cross a main road. First rule of lost animals: make no assumptions. Paris also dreamed she would get her cat back, and her dream came true.

Amara: Going Natural


Thank you for all your help. Here is a picture taken 5 mins after her shoes came off ! It felt like she was saying ” I know you are listening now and I know you care and I feel safe to sit here for a while with you ” It was such a magical moment as its the first time she has sat so long and allowed me to sit with her.   Tara

Abby: Was Withdrawn


I wanted to give you an update on Abby, the Himalayan cat. She is doing pheonomenallly well. Sweet, loving, brave – especially with my husband and son, a little more reserved with me but that’s ok. She comes up onto the bed with us now and ventured down to the first floor of the house for the first time tonight. Thank you for your help – that night you communicated with her was pivotal.                        Diane


tucson pic

I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for such a wonderful experience with the course. I got so much out of it and am excited to keep my skills sharp and practice daily. I realized that the course really helped me to stretch and grow in ways I did not expect, such as being more open to the flow of emotions rather than fact/clinical based thinking. I am very excited to develop the skill of medical intuition as well. Thank you so much for all the personal energy that you put into the course. You are so very talented with this subject matter and you know how to motivate and direct each student. You are a very attentive teacher. I really appreciate the honest feedback that you provided us as we were working on the exercises. Laura

Bo: Was Dog Aggressive

Bo is the second dog in , light brown

Bo is the second dog in , light brown

Dear Marta,

I just wanted to send you quickly an update on Bo dog. He has been doing very well. I have been using some homeopathic remedies for the last 5 months actually and I think we are ready to try to drop the usage for now and see how it does without it….
He has been doing SO good that when he sees off leash dogs playing in the baseball fields nearby, he is able to ignore them now and just heel forward without lunging and getting a “panick attack”.
This past weekend I took him camping with me for the first time in a long time and he did great! Our neighbor “camper” was a rescued service dog pitbull whose owner kept her off leash… Bo dog was so good and he was able to settle in our campsite very well even if he saw a dog off leash just not too far from us.

Thank you for helping me understand Bo better!

Kind regards,
Lorella (and Bo dog)

Loki: Was a Barker

Marta, it’s just amazing. The ,mental movies are working like a champ. In fact, Loki just came in trying to play with Layla barking. I sent an image of him quieting down,  leaving and going to Colleen to curl up beside her to snooze, and he quietly turned, walked away, and went to her. WOW!!!!!

Crispy: Was Lost


I wanted to let you know that Crispy is finally home. Someone found her less than two miles from home…..she almost made it….and they had her scanned for a microchip. She was in the area that you had described and I was never able to find her there. I looked for her for a year..almost every day and finally decided her microchip was going to be her ticket home. You said you felt she had gone feral and that was probably because she had gotten really tough and hardened. She came home with a huge attitude and wanted to smack any cat that got near her. Especially when she was eating. I had to give her space for the first few days too. Now she is back to her sweet self and very happy to be home. She responds to her name and knows she is home. She was gone for almost two years and traveled many miles. I will be very careful that she never gets in anyone’s car ever again. Thank you for all your help and I really do feel she was in all those places you had me search.. .I always felt a presence in those places… I was always just a couple days behind.

Ginger: Moving to New Place


This is Po and Cecilia. I am glad to tell you that Ginger is settling very well. She is running up and down without hesitation. She seems very happy about the new house. It took us less than a week to help her get used to the whole house. Thanks to your help, the transitional process was smooth and fast ! 🙂