Tips For Finding Lost Animals

Things to Do:

  • Make a flyer with picture of animal and your number, do not put your name or address on it and don’t give out identifying information except a photo of your animal. If someone calls you can ask them for the identifying info to verify the sighting. If you put a reward don’t say an amount.
  • Go to each house within a 5 block radius and give a flyer. Put it on the doorstep (not in mailbox) if the person isn’t home. Or put it on the gate etc. Ask the person to search their place or ask if you can search.
  • Call your animal when you do the flyering. They may hear and then come home later…Also carry a treat box and shake it. And stop and listen to see if you hear your animal making any noise.
  • Talk to everyone you meet ask if they saw the animal or anything unusual.
  • Bring a flashlight to check in dark spaces, animals will tend to hide in a place that is dark.
  • Place strong-scented articles like used socks, litterbox, toys etc. outside your home to attract your pet. Animals find their way by scent as well as sound.
  • Call local veterinarian offices during the day. After 5 PM, call veterinarian emergency clinics. Send your flyer by fax to local vets.
  • Go see in person if any animals were brought in for treatment.
  • Give a flyer to the delivery service drivers that come into your area.
  • Go in person to the local shelters and give them a flyer. Ask to see their dead on arrival lists.
  • Make some high visibility flyers on fluorescent paper and laminate or cover in plastic. Post these at key intersections where you will get people coming from a lot of areas near your house.
  • Post flyers in your area at waist level on telephone poles and at eye level in such places as veterinary offices, pet shops, groomers, grocery stores, community bulletin boards, etc.
  • If your animal is microchipped check frequently with the microchip company. Also give the chip number to the shelter, vets etc
  • Put an ad in the local papers. Check the found ads every day. Get on the radio if you can.
  • Don’t give up. It can take a while to find your animal.

Be Cautious

Unfortunately there are people who victimize those with lost animals. Never respond in person to a found pet contact alone. Never invite anyone to your place. Beware of money scams, like someone who wants money for your pet or will ship it to you for a fee etc. Be safe when you go out looking, go with a friend.

Manifesting and Energy Techniques for Lost Animals

Mantra – Stay positive. Come up with a mantra to say when you think about your animal like, I get him back safe and sound.

Visualize – See your animal back home safe and sound. Imagine them either getting rescued by someone or finding their way safely back home, whichever seems best.

Protective Energy Bubble – Imagine a golden ball of energy surrounding your animal and protecting him.

Magnetic Pull – Imagine you and your animal are two magnets pulling back together. Whenever you go out to search take a moment to stand still and turn in each direction. Focus on which direction pulls you… follow your intuition.

Sleeping – When you sleep you can get information about where your animal is and what you need to do. Ask for that before you fall asleep and have something by your bed to write down whatever you remember when you wake up.

For lost cats, you may want to purchase this excellent ebook guide to finding a lost cat: